Elijah Evans

Elijah Evans

CrossFit Coach (CFL1)

Mile: 6:00 Bench: 3:15 Grace: 2:47 200m Run: 23.5 sec Power Clean: 235lb


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Meet Your Coach

Through out my life I was never given a lot. Life has been so little up until I found health and fitness. Fitness was and still is a lifestyle that gives me the most in life, fitness is the easiest form of it. It has been therapeutic, taught me discipline and how to be relentless in the worse. I played sports through out my life in a small town where athletics were everything. I participated in football, baseball, basketball, wrestling, track, and CrossFit. I accomplished many things in althetics including state appearances, all state awards, player of the year and many more awards. Some say that those accomplishments are huge but I say life is so much more than awards. Along the way everyone is going to hurt and struggle, what I want to provide as a coach is to help people through that because I’ve been through what most shouldn’t have experienced.

Turning Point

Our life is decided by yes or no decision every day, and many of those decisions involve the opportunity to embrace discomfort. It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you may as well have not lived at all. We live our life with expectations, and it is inevitable that we will fail or that life will fail us. Humans do not enjoy failure, which is why it is often easier to make decisions that we believe will lead to success. Making decisions based on what we can already do well, however, is what keeps us stagnant. There is no growth if you don’t push the boundaries of your experience. The biggest challenge is sitting between your ears; only you can control the outcome of your future. Our mind’s default is often to overthink and complain about challenges. It’s against our nature to seek discomfort, but whether you choose to overcome adversity or the option of running away from your problems. Sometimes life tests your limits, it’s up to you to make the most of what you’ve got. My life has had a number of rough patches that I have had to overcome. When I was six-years-old, I found myself living with my mom in a hotel on the edge of living on the streets for the first time. A father figure came into our lives and helped us change the trajectory we were on. He chose discomfort. I would choose to ignore it and seek things that made my life easier in the short term even if I didn’t learn much about persevering. When my mom had my little sister, I started to realize more that I should take on some responsibility for her care, step dad wasn’t around much. I was a freshman at the time, and I often had to skip school to take care of my sister, even giving up a sports season to help support my family. No one my age should ever take on that responsibility. When my sister was almost a year old, my stepdad passed away unexpectedly, and my mom fell into a deep depression. That summer, I worked to help pay our rent and support. During this time period, I was taking care of my sister half the day, but the other half of the day was mine. My mom was falling apart and struggled to take care of me or my sister and even herself. Although my grandparents supported a lot they could be there all the time. Dad was out of jail but to far to make a difference. I found myself seeking fun and a lack of responsibility in my free time, making choices that let me forget all of the hard things in my life escaping from the things that were not in my control. During that period of time, I did not choose discomfort. I chose to escape the hard things when I had the opportunity. I realized that it was up to me to change the course of my life if I wanted it to look different in the future. I knew that I did not want to remain on the path I was walking down, and I had to choose discomfort. I had to pursue a healthy environment for myself even though it was uncomfortable to apply myself to school and sports and find a family that could provide me with the stability I needed. The reality of my life is that I live in foster care, but I am getting the support I need. It hurts knowing that when I wake up every day, it’s not my parents saying “good morning” to me. I am greeted by the new family I have made for myself. Losing my parents has been a hard reality to face, and I struggle to forgive them over and over again. When choosing between comfort or discomfort, comfort is definitely preferred, but often that decision doesn’t actually drive you to improve yourself or your situation. Seeking discomfort can form you into a stronger person mentally and physically, teaching you to be more comfortable with the inevitability of being uncomfortable. Doing something that you wouldn’t normally do and saying yes to something you wouldn’t normally say yes to will result in something much more rewarding. Leanring that doing something others aren’t willing to do will result in doing things people cant do. Taking advantage of opportunities and bulding off of them for a bigger picture, becoming one percent better everyday.

Motivation & Passion

I’m here to coach you inside and outside of the gym. I would love to provide some sort of advice whether it’s fitness related or not. I may be young but have experienced a lot of adversity. I want to push people to beyond their limits and help those who want to improve and get to that point of giving up. Every person that goes to workout, doesn’t have to but they get to be there. Being present and in the moment is something I value as a person and if I can be an aid in someone’s discipline and commitment towards fitness or any other aspect of life. I want to be there. Everyday we have an opportunity and a choice to take that opportunity. Choosing the more difficult and uncomfortable route is going to help us in the long run. A phrase I follow is “Seek Discomfort” it means doing things on the other side of your comfort zone and saying “yes” toward things that make you uncomfortable build you mentally and physically. Life is so much better on the other side of your comfort zone. Let’s work when the work needs to be done and play when the time comes. “Let’s do today what others won’t, so we can do tomorrow what others can’t”.

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