Beginners CrossFit Classes in Fort Collins, CO

CrossFit Foundations

CrossFit Foundations Package

This package includes everything included in our Membership Agreements as well as:

*Foundations Onboarding Sessions With A Coach (x3)
One Month Of Unlimited Membership
*1 Month Of Elevated Membership (customized notes 3x/week)

Simply put, our Foundations Package is designed to help new members get Better At Life Together with endless guidance, supportive coaches, and an awesome, friendly community.

Foundations Timeline/Details

Session 1:

A sit-down discussion to learn about you, your goals, exercise/nutrition history, answer any questions you might have and begin to explain the why behind our program, movements, nutrition and culture.

Session 2:

A 1-on-1/private 75-minute workout session (includes warm-up, learning movements, workout, cool-down, etc.) so you can experience what an actual class setting will feel like. Q&A discussion to follow the workout.

Session 3:

A 75-minute session where you join a "real" class with your Foundations coach right by your side answering questions and guiding you through the workout. Q&A discussion to follow the workout.

Post-Session 3:

You will have the rest of the month (from Foundations purchase date) to attend as many classes as you would like.
As a bonus, your Foundations month automatically includes our Elevated Membership and a Personal Nutrition Jumpstart Program! This means you will get customized workout notes, recommendations and accountability 3 times per week.
Over your first 100 days as a new member, you will get accountability check-ins, information and guidance with all things DeNovo, CrossFit and Nutrition, and all of the perks mentioned above.


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