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Our Mission is to Help You Lead A More Fulfilled Life!


DeNovo CrossFit


Our mission is to help people improve how they move, eat, connect with others, view themselves and view the world so that they can lead a more fulfilled life. By operating with continued professional development, authenticity, intention and fun, we aim to inspire people to view health as an investment and not an expense and to honor each day as a new beginning to become the best versions of themselves possible.

Simply put we want to help you get "Better At Life Together" with an awesome community.


De novo (literally 'of new') is a Latin expression used in English to mean 'from the beginning', 'anew'. As a Team and a Community, we continually work hard, regardless of what life throws at us, to remind ourselves of the DeNovo Theory; every day is an opportunity to start from the beginning, anew.



We believe the intimidation factor of CrossFit is REAL and it is our responsibility to help you feel safe and welcome.


We believe in cultivating authentic relationships; the journey to a better self is more fun with friends who will keep you accountable and engaged!


We believe in the remarkable, untapped potential you have and are committed to helping you recognize and reach it.


We believe in providing the best experience possible through continued education, innovation, and intention with how we operate.


We believe consistency works; showing up regardless of what life throws your way promotes confidence, happiness, growth and long-term health.


A Team of Coaches that get results, consistently

DeNovo CrossFit

Our community is what makes us special. And it's what will keep you going

We are a staff of passionate, professional and friendly coaches with over 25 years of combined experience.

Let us help you improve your relationships, sleep, fitness, nutrition and overall happiness. We will help you set hesitations aside, embrace camaraderie and surprise yourself every day both inside and outside of the gym.

Everything you need to crush your fitness goals

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Individualized Fitness Programming

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Conveniently located 2 minutes off of Mulberry and I-25

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. DeNovo CrossFit is located and easily accessible from all of Fort Collins.

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3665 Canal Dr Unit A, Fort Collins, CO 80524
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