Nikki Larrick

Nikki Larrick

CrossFit Coach (CFL1) & Merchandise Specialist

Dead hang - 60 seconds



Judges course

BS in Sociology

Minor in Sports Coaching

Physical Therapist Assistant license

Meet Your Coach

I started CrossFit in 2013 and have continued ever since, only taking off a few months when having my 2 boys. CrossFit has challenged me and been very rewarding, improving my overall confidence in life. I went back to school in the fall of 2011 to become a Physical Therapist Assistant, coincidentally right after I had a major knee injury and needed PT. Becoming a PTA taught me a lot about the body, health, and fitness that I’m still able to use today in everyday life. I also found my passion for helping people to become healthier and find fitness as a lifestyle, not just a “fix” when something is hurt. I firmly believe that CrossFit is for everyone no matter what your age, body type, or fitness. And it can be FUN!

Turning Point

I thought about becoming a CrossFit coach for many years. Every time I considered it I would quickly shut it down with negative self-talk. “What makes me think I have the ability to coach?” I’m an introvert at heart and I was very shy growing up so I have never thought of myself as a good people person, which is kind of a requirement as a CrossFit coach. I’d been doing CrossFit for years but that doesn’t make me a professional. But I also LOVE helping people be healthier and am passionate about fitness and having a balanced lifestyle. I knew I wanted a career in this industry. When the opportunity presented itself to become a coach and work at DeNovo I was nervous but also inspired by Jenny, Jorine, and Paige. I knew that if they were on my side, guiding and teaching me, I’d have the best opportunity possible to become a great CrossFit coach. I knew this was my chance and I am so happy I took it!

Motivation & Passion

I LOVE coaching so much! It fills my heart to see the athletes showing up every day and doing their best. I am honored to be a coach at DeNovo and to be able to serve so many wonderful people from very diverse backgrounds. I want to educate and help athletes to accomplish their goals and encourage them where they are to become the best they can be.

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