Jenny Gibb

Jenny Gibb

Owner, CrossFit Coach (CFL3), Nutrition Coach & Yoga Instructor

Snatch: 145#Horsetooth Half: 1:43:20I can wiggle my eyes and do a cartwheel (maybe not at the same time)I once ate a whole wheel of cheese (just kidding, but I bet I could)


BS Exercise and Sport Science-Fitness

Nutrition Minor & Strength and Conditioning Concentration

Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF-L3)

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

Healthy Steps Nutrition Certified Coach

CrossFit Anatomy Certificate

CrossFit Competitor Certificate 2018

CrossFit Culinary Ninja Certificate

CrossFit Dumbbells Certificate

CrossFit Gymnastics Certificate 2015

CrossFit Judges Certificate

CrossFit Kids Trainer 2013

CrossFit Lesson Planning Certificate

CrossFit Programming Certificate

CrossFit Running Certificate

CrossFit Scaling Certificate

CrossFit Spot The Flaw Certificate

USAW Sports Performance Coach

200 HR RYT Yoga Instructor

Meet Your Coach

I was born and raised in Wisconsin and grew up with a strong British influence from my English mother & sister and Scottish father. This influence has led to a strong love for travel and experiencing different people and cultures. Fitness, sports, performance, and competition have constantly been a presence in my life thanks to my parents encouraging me to try ALL things under the sun, such as ballet, tap, jazz, show choir, gymnastics, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and even log rolling. When not at DeNovo, I enjoy spending time with my husband, friends, and dogs. I like paddle boarding, scooter, or bike trips to a local brewery, reading, and getting cozy on the couch with a blanket and a good Netflix show.

Turning Point

The biggest enemy in my life has always been myself. I very much battle with my own mind, self-worth, negative self-talk, and capabilities as a human, friend, boss, and wife. Although my goal is to work as hard as I can to help others see the best in themselves, it doesn't mean that I am always successful in doing so. And it is often a challenge to do the same for me. While understanding that I cannot pour from an empty cup, I turn to my family, friends, and DeNovo community for support, and also CrossFit. When I started CrossFit in 2012, I recognized how much of a gift it was for combating the negative mindset, excuses, and shortcomings that either life has to offer or that I create for myself; getting through a tough workout helps make other things in life feel a little bit easier. Attending a class at DeNovo is like walking through a portal where social status, age, fitness levels, and demographics do. not. matter! We are all there to get uncomfortable, challenge ourselves, surprise ourselves and see what we can do. These workouts help me remember that I have the choice to "pick up the weight/just keep going" and get closer to finishing, "sit and stare/feel sorry for myself" to stay where I am, or "sit down/pout" and quit. Similar to life, for every moment I have a choice to move forward, help others, or do something uncomfortable... that choice might suck, it might be hard, and it might not be what I want to do, but I can't blame anyone but myself if I am not where I want to be or feeling how I want to feel. The sport, culture, and community of CrossFit are such a strong driving force to keep me moving on the right path toward a happy and fulfilling life. I still have a ton of work to do... but DeNovo often helps.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to help you recognize your potential. CrossFit can be very intimidating and I want you to see that you can do way more than you think. I want to share the moment with you when you press pause on fear and hesitation and surprise yourself and do something you never thought possible. I am passionate about serving people who want to put in the work alongside friends. It will bring me joy to see you smile, come out of your comfort zone and have fun. My purpose at DeNovo is to build a community of people who can get "Better At Life Together" and this includes my staff. I am extremely motivated to provide opportunities for my team, to see them succeed, and to help them create fulfilling careers and ultimately inspire and impact even more humans.

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