Stef Rittner

Stef Rittner

CrossFit Coach (CFL1), Nutrition Coach & CrossFit Kids Coordinator

Back squat: 265

Might be better at running upside down than running right side up ;)

Can handle herds of small children

Most difficult odd object carry ever performed: two babies at once for 35 weeks straight (gained 75#s and measured almost as wide as I am tall!)


CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Kids Certification


Certified Physical Education Endorsement

BS in Human Development and Family Studies

Meet Your Coach

Growing up I was always the kid with blisters on my hands from hanging upside down and doing tricks on the monkey bars at school. But I was so very shy and afraid to try new things, especially sports. At a young age, I learned that nutrition was super important and being healthy was a life long journey. In high school I cheered on the Varsity team and loved lifting weights at the local rec center but mostly worked out alone and was totally unsure of what to do in the gym. My very first job was teaching gymnastics at that same rec center and I instantly knew teaching and sharing my love of movement with kids was a passion of mine. Fast forward several years, I received my teaching license and became an elementary educator. I always worked movement into the classroom and knew it was beneficial for kids, often spreading the desks out for dance parties, or to do push ups, musical chairs, etc. Nutrition continued to be an important part of my life, especially when learning that I had an autoimmune thyroid disorder and would need to completely change my diet. Once I found CrossFit, I knew it was another way I could teach others and share joy! I wanted to inspire others to be their healthiest selves in a way that would last their whole lives.

Turning Point

In 2018 I was perfectly happy attending aerial classes and pretending I might run off with the circus once I perfected my craft. My husband Greg stepped into a CrossFit gym after a friend kept bugging him to go, so I went in support of my spouse and I instantly fell in love with the sport. CrossFit completely changed our lives. My husband suddenly found this new spark of purpose, community, and confidence. Our marriage improved and we made all sorts of new friends. I found myself choosing CrossFit over aerial classes. During the pandemic I switched from teaching 4th grade to teaching PE. My husband decided to pursue firefighting as a new career. Because CrossFit had changed our lives so drastically, I wanted to share it with others. I wanted to become a coach and planned to get my L1, but constant doubts in my abilities kept me from signing up and committing, much like I was afraid to do sports as a kid. One day I had a student at school who was afraid to get up on a gymnastics bar. I explained to her that it was okay to be scared and that I would not let her fall. I also told her, "You can be scared, and still do this. So just do it scared." I knew I had to follow my own advice. I signed up to get my L1 and decided I would see where this journey might lead me and I would do it scared! DeNovo has been such an inviting, amazing place to workout at. I knew this would also be the best, supportive place to coach CrossFit. I am inspired everyday by members at DeNovo and I want to inspire others. My passion for kids, nutrition, teaching, and all things CrossFit can finally assemble in one place!

Motivation & Passion

I am so excited to watch members at DeNovo reach their potential and accomplish things they never thought possible. I love being in community with others and supporting them to be their best selves. I feel honored to start with our youngest members and help kids foster healthy habits, instill confidence, and encourage them to take risks. I want to give back to DeNovo, what has been given to me. Our community is what makes this place so wonderful and I am honored to be part of this crew that is continually "getting better at life together."

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