Nutrition Spotlight - LeeLee Kates

Learn more about how LeeLee has taken small steps to establish big habits that have impacted her outlook on nutrition & daily life!
DeNovo CrossFit
July 9, 2023
Nutrition Spotlight - LeeLee Kates

What prompted you to start nutrition coaching with DeNovo Nutrition?
A number of reasons, really. I have been a vegetarian for about a decade and have always had a hard time getting enough protein.  Nutritional recommendations are so trendy and always changing, so it can feel confusing and intimidating to tackle nutrition issues on your own. Additionally, nutrition coaching is about so much more than nutrition, and I needed an accountabili-buddy to really dig in and work on myself.

What are 3-4 things that you GAINED throughout this experience?
I have gained so much--all of the above! But I'm particularly excited about gaining new perspective regarding what I need my body to be (a vehicle that is capable of doing hard things vs something that doesn't look a certain way) knowledge, energy (haven't needed a morning coffee in months!), confidence, healthy relationship with food, and improved performance.

What are 2-3 things that you LOST?

I have let go of a lot of my fear/anxiety around food and am having fun trying new things. I have lost a few pounds, not a lot, but I have also lost the need/desire to look a certain way. Jenny has help me to think of things in an asset-framing way instead of a deficit-framing way.

What is the biggest thing that you have learned since starting nutrition coaching?

The power of small changes. Jenny is great at setting you up for success through small, manageable changes, that over time turn into sustainable, long-term behavior change.

What were you struggling with before you signed up for our nutrition program?

Motivation, information overload, lofty goals and didn't know where to start.

How did our nutrition program help solve that problem?

Again, the nutrition program is about so much more than nutrition. Jenny is skilled at asking the right questions to understand and meet you where you are. She was able to create a personalized plan that wasn't intimidating, followed up regularly, and offered so much support. It was the little nudges I needed to keep moving in the right direction, totally free of judgement.

What was different about our nutrition program compared to diets you've tried in the past?

This program is so much more about individual goals and how to get there vs a "one size fits all" approach. Jenny really tries to figure out what energizes and excites people and hones in on those to accomplish change. When you hit a wall, she helps you figure out what's standing in the way.  It has been such a positive experience.

Tell us about the moment when you realized our nutrition program was actually working to solve your problem?

When getting out of bed wasn't as hard as it usually was. Also, realizing I had built some healthier habits along the way--kind of without realizing it.

Tell us what life looks like now that your problem is solved or is being solved?

All of the sudden I'm a person that gets up at 5:30am and makes protein smoothies.

How has the accountability and support of nutrition coaching helped you stay on track?

The accountability and support have been mission critical! Jenny is so supportive and encouraging, with plenty of giggles along the way.

What would you say to someone considering nutrition coaching with DeNovo Nutrition?

10/10, would definitely recommend. This program is so well designed to understand your "why," and figure out the "what" and the "how." They help you keep the "why" in the center of all that you do.  The cost of doing nothing is much greater than the cost of signing up for the program. Anything is possible!

What is your next nutrition and health related goal?

I'd like to keep building strength and learn how to do kipping pull ups. A muscle up is out there somewhere, far, far, in to the future.

Is there anything else we can help you with or that you'd like to share?

Just so appreciative of all of support and expertise you bring with you every day. I feel like you take care of every body all the time, and it comes from such a place of love. I would love to be able to reciprocate that some day.

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