Nutrition Spotlight - Jessica Chitwood-Brown

Learn more about how JCB has taken small steps to establish big habits that have impacted her outlook on nutrition & daily life!
DeNovo CrossFit
July 9, 2023
Nutrition Spotlight - Jessica Chitwood-Brown

What prompted you to start nutrition coaching with DeNovo Nutrition?

I was tired of not feeling well and “knowing” how to eat healthy but struggling with doing it in a way that is sustainable.

What are 3-4 things that you GAINED throughout this experience?

Confidence in myself and my choices, peace with my mornings, more movement in my day, healthy habits that I like.

What are 2-3 things that you LOST?

Anxiety around food, shame around food and my weight, fear of failing

What is the biggest thing that you have learned since starting nutrition coaching?

That a holistic approach is necessary. Quick fixes or drastic changes to one area look attractive but they aren’t realized or sustainable. Simple doesn’t mean easy but take it one step at a time, one day at a time, one moment at a time and you can create the life you want.

What were you struggling with before you signed up for our nutrition program?

Stress, sleep, anxiety.. and how those things impacted my nutrition and activity choices, which then negatively affected my stress, sleep and anxiety. It was a rough cycle.

How did our nutrition program help solve that problem?

I wouldn’t say it’s “solved” but it’s definitely improving! I love that the program takes a whole person approach with daily videos about all the topics from recipes to lifestyle. And having Jenny there to help me realize that perfection isn’t the goal and to be supportive and encouraging, helping me set realistic goals and then reset when I need to, it’s just been amazing. I love it.

What was different about our nutrition program compared to diets you've tried in the past?

I’ve never taken a holistic approach with small habits. It’s always been something drastic, a sudden lifestyle change, or using humiliation as a tool (group weigh ins, ugghh). So this is the first time in my life that I’ve been able to make changes that I actually like and want to do forever!

Tell us about the moment when you realized our nutrition program was actually working to solve your problem?

I was really upset because I watched an Instagram ad for a quick fix program and I had just weighed myself and realized I had no change in the number. I felt so defeated and like I would never be successful, and the ad really targeted my feelings of “never gonna be good enough to lose weight”. But then I thought about it and realized that I actually have come a long way. I eat more vegetables now than I maybe ever have in my life and I LIKE them. I’ve started working out more and making improvements at CrossFit. I’ve been meditating to help handle my anxiety and I meal prep so my mornings are easier. I bought a bike for heavens sake and have a goal to bike to work!! I actually am creating the life I want to live, regardless of what the scale says, and I’m really proud of that. That’s when I knew.

Tell us what life looks like now that your problem is solved or is being solved?

More movement in my day, smoother mornings, meal prep on the weekends to make my nutrition choices for my day at work easier, plans to bike to work, meditation is amazing, excited in general to keep going.

How has the accountability and support of nutrition coaching helped you stay on track?

It’s huge! Being able to click the box when I did the thing is great, but having Jenny there to send me reminders AND help me pick myself back up when I struggle is a big deal.

What would you say to someone considering nutrition coaching with DeNovo Nutrition?

This isn’t like any other program I’ve done. It’s not about quick fixes or shaming you into losing weight or starving yourself. It’s about a whole person/lifestyle approach to creating the life you want, including nutrition. If you’re looking for sustainable, lifelong habits for better health, then this is the program for you!

What is your next nutrition and health related goal?

I have a list that Jenny and I are working through, but the next major thing is biking to work!

Is there anything else we can help you with or that you'd like to share?

I’m just so grateful. I feel like thank you isn’t enough! Love y’all.

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