Nutrition Spotlight - LeeLee Kates

Learn more about how LeeLee has taken small steps to establish big habits that have impacted her outlook on nutrition & daily life!
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August 30, 2023
Nutrition Spotlight - LeeLee Kates

What prompted you to start nutrition coaching with DeNovo Nutrition?

As a vegetarian, I've always struggled to get enough protein.  You hear so many random things on the internet, it's also tough to filter through the BS and know what will work for you as an individual.  

What are 3-4 things that you GAINED throughout this experience?

Strength, energy, good sleep, knowledge, healthier relationship with food and my body.

What are 2-3 things that you LOST?

I feel like we grew up in a culture that always taught women to be at war with their bodies.  I'm really starting to appreciate what my body can do.  Lost: the weight of other people's expectations, anxiety, uncertainty around what's a fad diet tip and what's reality.

What is the biggest thing that you have learned since starting nutrition coaching?

There's so much more flexibility than I thought, and making more intentional choices to set myself up for success makes it easier to make choices I feel good about.  As Jenny says, do the best with what you have, where you are, and when you can.

What were you struggling with before you signed up for our nutrition program?

Protein, confidence, unrealistic expectations, information overload

How did our nutrition program help solve that problem?

I think our culture has conditioned us to think about this idea of "healthy" that is kind of unobtainable.  Jenny is really helping me to become the healthiest version of me, and that looks different from what other people are doing.  I'm figuring out what works best for my body.

What was different about our nutrition program compared to diets you've tried in the past?

Personalized, non-judgmental, flexible, intuitive, celebrates small wins, honest, compassionate, based in science and best practices

Tell us about the moment when you realized our nutrition program was actually working to solve your problem?

Going on vacation and feeling prepared to make choices that allowed me to enjoy my time but feel good about what I was eating.  No guilt, just planning ahead.  

Tell us what life looks like now that your problem is solved or is being solved?

Better sleep, more energized, better performance at the gym, and I recover so much quicker.  

How has the accountability and support of nutrition coaching helped you stay on track?

I can ask seemingly stupid questions and get a very thorough and caring response.  Jenny is a wealth of knowledge and can help you tackle just about anything.  And if she doesn't know, she knows where to find amazing resources.  Progress isn't linear and Jenny is amazing at making you feel like set backs are part of the process and are ultimately great learning opportunities.

What would you say to someone considering nutrition coaching with DeNovo Nutrition?

Do it!  Time will pass anyway, so spend it taking care of yourself and becoming the healthiest version of you.

What is your next nutrition and health related goal?

Gosh, I feel like I've accomplished a lot.  I'd like to find ways to truly live this lifestyle long term, make it sustainable all on my own, and keep identifying growth edges.  

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